Discuss the Issue of Asylum Seekers in the Uk.

Discuss the issue of Asylum Seekers in the UK.

It is problem in the UK that too many refugees from North Korea want to live there. In 2004, UK allowed the first refugee from NK. After that time asylum seekers from the NK have been increased every year. NK defectors prefer living as strangers in the United Kingdom to extending their lives in the hopeless homeland.
But real problem is more difficult. Actually most of asylum seekers from NK wear fraudulent refugee claims. Most of asylum seekers, They go to the United Kingdom via South Korea after obtaining citizenship there. Landing on British soil on a travel visa, they destroy their passports and other tangible evidence verifying their South Korean citizenship and then apply for refugee status describing themselves as defectors coming “directly” from the poverty-stricken communist nation. The UK is well known among asylum seekers as a “heaven for refugees”. South Korea’s foreign ministry believes an estimated 1000 North Korean defectors live in British as refugees, abd suspects many of them had already earned the same status through Seoul.
Why do they want to live in UK? Britain is famous for a well-meshed social security net for refugees — once acknowledged as a refugee, the government covers virtually all costs needed to make a living, including education, medical treatment and unemployment payments. And they think it is a only way to escape the discrimination and financial hardship. But I think It is abusing of refugee status. So UK has to ban accepting asylum seekers from the NK. South Korea always accepts asylum seekers from the NK. It gives a nagative effect for South Korea’s image. Actually in the UK airport, Korean immigration has been enhanced. And it is also used the way of illegal immigration by Chinese.
Some of refugees really need help from UK. But It has too many problems. So it should be forbidden. And the Korean government should to effort for refugees. The government has to educates and...