Discuss the Formation and (Sometimes) Dissolution of Intimate Relationships. Suggest Ways of Maintaining Harmony in Such Relationships

Discuss the formation and (sometimes) dissolution of intimate relationships. Suggest ways of maintaining harmony in such relationships

Social psychology, the scientific study of how individuals’ cognitions, feelings and thoughts   are affected by the social environment and how people respond to the social atmosphere, has unveiled interesting aspects of social life. Everyday people get into intimate relationships, and for some the excitement is like they are in heaven on earth, but unfortunately sometimes these relationships can be hell and stressful such that other partners can opt out and to the extreme some can even commit suicide or suffer from great depression and anxiety. On the green light the study of human sexuality and interpersonal attraction has provided some positive ways of dealing with problems in intimate relationships such that possible harmony can be maintained. The writer seeks to discuss the formation and (sometimes) the dissolution of intimate relationships and suggest ways of maintaining harmony in such relationships.

Intimate relationships are those relationships based on sexual affiliation such as romance, “love”, sex and any other intimate behaviour. Intimate relationships can be between heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual partners (sadists, pedophilias included) of which factors to be discussed can independently influence the mentioned relationships. Sometimes these relationships can dissolve due to various social economic factors of modern life. However, researchers suggest that there are various ways of maintaining harmony in such relationships.

According to Sigmund Freud, as cited in Baron (1989), a person is born with an innate need or drive to affiliate to a sexual partner. During the psycho-sexual stages of development, the ego tries to find rational ways of satisfying the irrational erotic or sexual drives of the id. The superego is there to strike a balance between these two thereby the individual finds a socially...