Discuss the Effects of New Technology on Human Growth and Development

Throughout this assignment I am discussing the effects of new technology on human growth and development for three life courses which are known as childhood, Adolescence and old age. Throughout life a human will grow and change in both physical and psychological ways through different life stages. Also during the course of life a human will develop skills and qualities that may have an effect on the way in which a person will grow and behave as they reach each life stage.
Firstly there are many positives and negatives involved in the effects of new technology on children, such as throughout the development of different technologies within society, children are able to gain many more skills from a younger ages relating to the use of computers, over years computers have been introduced into schools across the country, therefore providing children with technological skills and confidence due to being able to explore the ways in which a computer works. This is extremely important as in society computers are used in many walks of life that as a child develops will become a part of and therefore technical skills are essential.
On the other hand children being exposed to computers from a young age may affect them psychology as they this may stop the child being able to explore other ways in which they can learn for example group discussions within school. Moreover children may begin to experience physical problems if they excessively use computers such as developing vision problems, fatigue and headaches. The reason in which this may happen a lot more in early childhood is children are a lot more likely to ignore signs of health problems that could be occurring due to the use of computers. Therefore this is a negative effect that can be caused from the use of computers from an early age. (Mar 28, 2011 | By Kristie Jernigan) (American Optometric Association; Impact of Computer Use on Children's Vision; 2010;)

Another form of technology that can have an enormous...