Discuss How Narrative Voice and Dialogue Are Important Elements in the Creation of Meaning in the Passage.

Discuss how Narrative voice and dialogue are important elements in the creation of meaning in the passage.

In the first sentence we see Austen using Lizzy’s voice briefly in free indirect speech when she declares herself ‘not tired’. I can hear Lizzy saying this even though it is only two words.

Omniscient narration is used towards the beginning of the passage from ‘and they stood together on the lawn’ to Elizabeth saw him walking slowly towards the house’. This passage shows a slow movement of time and awkwardness between our hero and heroine. They are forced to stand alone together whilst they wait for Mr and Mrs Gardiner. The narration explains that they have much to discuss, but feel that this is not the time. They are silent for some time and Austen specific words that make us feel that time is slow such as ‘ at last’ and ‘yet time and her aunt moved slowly’  

After Darcy leaves them to continue their journey her Aunt and Uncle have much to say about the time they had spent together, this whole section lets the reader see how characters are changing their view of Darcy. Until this point they have all heard that he is a proud and cruel man. Mrs and Mrs Gardiner immediately use words like ‘stately’ and ‘unassuming’ to describe him. Austen uses focalisation and dialogue very cleverly to help the reader see the rise in their opinion, the omniscient narrator shares their thoughts in saying ‘each of them pronounced him to be infinitely superior to anything they had expected’ Although this is the thought of the married couple, I feel that this is focalised as well as omniscient. Mr and Mrs Gardiner then go on to discuss his attributes in dialogue.

Mr and Mrs Gardiner obviously think highly of Darcy. The narrator is using free indirect speech when the answer to the Aunts question, ‘but how came you to tell us that he was so disagreeable?’ I think Lizzy is uncomfortable and a little embarrassed of her previous opinion and also confused as she ‘excused...