Discuss 5 Key Factors That Influence Learning

Family life will have an impact on the childs desire to learn ,when a family encourage and help a child for example with homework a child will see this as a positive and feel more at ease with learning new skills and completing tasks and feel the sense of achievement of handing in a good piece of homework on time . and family usually have life experiences they can share which seem more interesting and more real than maybe reading a book because they are actually about the family member , grandparents saying how they had hard times during the war or grandparents talking about the parent as a baby and funny things they did that they wont remember and how times were different for each generation.
Impact of peers ,sometimes its too easy for a child to go with the flow or do as others say to make them fit in with a crowd , going off to play football instead of doing their homework because they don’t want to appear to be a goody two shoes etc ,but they will realise eventually (and hopefully not too late) that the peers are wrong and maybe they feel now they should have stood up to their peers and said that their homework was more important .on the other hand you may get a group of peers who want to met up in and out of school and work on projects or homework together encouraging one another .
The recognition of needing to learn could result in a child who accepts and digests information easily making quick progress and thus a eagerness to learn more and more , or a child who is denial as to how important learning is and they struggle   to understand but never asks for help or hides the fact to save any attention or embarrassment that they need the help thus falling further and further behind and then has a defeatist attitude of why bother everything is too hard anyway not realising there comes a time when it all fits into place and makes sense .
Barriers to learning could be a lack of learning resources due to lack of funds including replacing any broken resources...