Alan Collins
WR 121
Professor Tony Russell
Essay 2
1 August 2012
Faster is an action thriller with plenty of blood, intense get-a-way driving, and violence. Director George Tillman Jr. focused on delivering a pure thriller that portrays a dark emotion of the human soul: revenge. While the movie may be exciting, it lacks a story that an audience can connect with. The movie seems to be so infatuated with giving the audience hard-core action that it has failed to give audiences a storyline to enjoy. “Faster” is a movie with a very simple storyline that feels predictable and unenjoyably due to bad acting and an emphasis towards giving an audience action.
The movie follows three main characters simply known as “Driver” (Dwayne Johnson), “Cop” (Billy Bob Thornton), and “Killer”(Oliver Jackson-Cohen); no names are ever given. “Driver” has been in jail for 10 years for he got set up in a bank robbery. During his sentence, he begins a pursuit for vengeance. He intends to kill the men who set him up and killed his brother. After his release, he immediately begins his quest. “Cop” is a crooked, drug-addicted detective that has been assigned to find Driver and end his killing spree. After this case, “Cop” plans to retire and looks forward to cleaning up his life. “Killer” is an expert hit man and finds joy in the sport of killing, but is ready to settle down and start a family with his wife. He is hired to assassinate Driver and finds it a challenge that he becomes engulfed in.
“Faster” is a very easy movie to watch and contains an easy plot to follow. The movie begins with Driver being released from jail and he immediately begins his quest for vengeance. He runs out of the jail and goes straight to his spruced up muscle car, finds a list of the men who set him up, and a gun. From this point, the movie follows “Drivers” guest. He finds each one of the listed men and effortlessly takes them out in several action packed scenes, usually ending in a gory headshot....