Prejudice and Discrimination
Kelly Robertus
Bonnie Bickford

      The class was asked to research another country, on the forms of prejudice and discrimination faced within different cultures, races, and ethnic backgrounds.   While in the process, there were three different countries that came to mind, China, Russia, and Germany.   The choice was China.

Prejudice: A rigid and unfair generalization about an entire category of people.
Discrimination: An unequal treatment of various categories of people.
(Macions, 2011)
Prejudice and Discrimination
Before entering the topic at hand, research was done to find the different ways that the issue is studied.   In the University Library, Encyclopedia of Social Problems Prejudice was found, to base some of the information off of.
In the past, researchers have focused on understanding the individual.   Some would say that, “Prejudice should be considered a pathology, the source of which can be understood and ferreted out.”   (Parrillo, 2008)   “More contemporary researchers, suggest that prejudice is a natural, oftentimes a product of normal behaviors of the human’s way of thinking.”   (Parrillo, 2008)
The information found provides different topic in which it is believed, prejudice to be caused by social problems.   Whether, it be in the form of discrimination, involving employment.
At one point there was a case study conducted, having, Whites interview Blacks and vice versa.   This study showed that the Black applicants were treated differently.   The findings were that the White interviewers would distance themselves away, as well as their interviews were shorter.   (Parrillo, 2008)
This study showed that decisions made were discrimination based.   The disturbing part is, that patterns like this causes many other issue to arise.   Issues, like hate crimes, and police violence.   These are just a few issues that prejudice and discrimination can...