Discrimination Part 3

Unit 4 Discussion Board
Discrimination Part 3
October 30, 2010

Does the Immigration Reform and Control Act apply to your most recent) employer?
          The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which applies to employers with four or more employees, prohibit discrimination for national origin or for citizenship when the latter is an alien lawfully admitted (Moran, 2008).   The Immigration Reform and Act Control did not apply to the organization that I was most recently employed with.   Ever since I was born, I have been a resident to the United States.  
          However, my most recent employer is also a legal resident of the U.S.   Illegal immigration can be referred to as individuals crossing national borders of another country which is considered to be a violation of a country’s immigration and nationality regulations that have been implemented.   Immigration and nationality regulations will ultimately apply to those that have crossed national boarders illegally to obtain some sort of employment and take up residency.  
          The Immigrations Reform and Control Act are considered to be a United States regulation that was formed with intent to decrease the occurrences of illegal migration of foreigners to the U.S.   This has been professed as an economic predicament for the U.S.   The regulation was implemented in response for an increased amount of illegal immigrant that entered the U.S. amid the 1980’s.   The migrant individuals also became banned or jobless.            
What are the consequences to an employer if it hires an unauthorized alien?
          Consequences to an employer that hires an unauthorized alien can include illicit fines, incarceration, and must forfeit resources that were utilized for the crime committed.   Such resources can consist of providing the means of transportation and real-estate property for illegal aliens.   If an employer attempts or is caught employing an illegal alien that does not have the proper...