Discrimination and PagansWiccans

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Discrimination and Pagans
JoAnn Melandry
Axia University of Phoenix

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There are over one million Wiccans and Pagans in this world today.   They are mothers, fathers, sister, brothers and friends.   They are old and young, thin and fat.   They look and act just like you and I.   In all actuality that number could actually be higher than it appears.   Many people who practice Wicca or call themselves Pagans don’t share this information with anyone outside of their coven and\or family.   The reason for this is not shame, but is instead fear of discrimination.   This paper will look at some of the reasons why so many people discriminate against Pagans and Wiccans and how this discrimination affects this people group.   You will also hear from two very different people who belong to this people group and how they personally deal with this discrimination.   By the end of this paper you will not only see why this discrimination is unjust you will also understand why it is unjust.
What is Wicca exactly?   It is an Earth based Neopagan or modern pagan religion.   It is the largest of all Neopagan religions.   Wiccans follow many rules including their most important which simple states, “Do what you will as long as you harm no one” (Robinson, 2010).   What is a Pagan?   The original definition of the term pagan meant rustic, hick or even country bumpkin.   The Early Roman Empire used the word to define the civilian population.   Many simply define it as outsider.   Today it is used by people who practice Wicca or other non-traditional religions.   One funny fact, the early Christians who first called people a pagan never meant it to mean they worshiped or practiced a different religion they meant it as an insult because the people were stuck in what they considered to be foolish backwoods beliefs (Robinsion, 2010).  
Jennifer Johnson is 35 and has been practicing Wicca for 10 years.   She is a mother to three...