Discreptive Essay

My best friend

I never thought that I would find a friend so much like me. And it is wonderful to know her for

me. I am very proud of my friend. Her name is Natalie and she is my toddler.

My Natalie is a very beautiful girl. And when I show photos with her to my other friends, they

will start to admire her. She is only 18, but she is care herself. Natalie is taller than me. She

is very graceful. All her movements are confident. Of course she is a well-built, because she

likes sport.   But the most specific and even unusual feature’s Natalie is her curly bright-red hair.

She looks like a flash fair. She stands out against other people.   A walking with her is a real

pleasure. Everyone always look after her. Her features are fine and soft. She has a small mouth

with sensitive lips, regular white shining teeth, a snub nose, lovely freckles on her cheeks and

expressive eyes with long lushes.   The color of her eyes is bright-green. So some people often

call her “Witch”, because as you know, all times witches have green eyes and red hair. Natalie is

proud of her appearance and she thinks that she is very lucky with it. I think so. She always tries

to look better daily and I see it. My dear friend wears only bright clothes and use warm colors in

cosmetics. These things set of her beauty. In my opinion, she can be an affectionate, charming

girl without cosmetics. But she never hearts me and now she looks like vamp-woman with red

lips and black lushes than a gentle girl. It is only her style and she will change it in only one case.

It will be if she is in love with someone.

Natalie has leadership’s makings. She often helps other people. My friend very like people and

she is a very communicative personality. She don’t afraid any difficulties in her life. If she

decides to do something she will bring all things to the end. Also Natalie is decisive girl. One

day she won a large sum of money in a...