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10th January 2014


Miss Irene Patterson

What evidence supports the reputations of   Madonna and Maria Callas as divas?

How might these reputations be compared and contrasted?

What is a diva?   To define diva can have various definitions.   A well known female singer with

immense talent. A female god. I am familiar with the term diva as the act of displaying an irrational

behaviour with outbursts and temper tantrums. Will try to identify the two cases of divas. Madonna

and Maria.

Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone a world famous pop star began her career in the early 80's. Her

claim to worldwide fame achieved through her entrepreneurial skills within the music industry, but

artistically as a singer Madonna had poor vocal talent, however she was able to artistically and

reputably gain a reputation as a diva but how?

Madonna's popularity was through her manipulation which was achieved in the transformation of an

uprising pop star. She had the creativity in exploiting the music media and thus advancing music

technologies meant she is able to create the image of a diva. Hawkins states, 'It is to this

phenomenon of televisual development that Madonna owes her fame' (Hawkins (2002) Settling the

pop score 2008, p. 190). Her manipulation was through her sexuality, appealing to all audiences of

a sexual orientation also. Another reputation she had had was exploiting. This can be seen through

her music videos. 'Like a prayer' was controversial in religion and racism. 'Papa don't preach' was a

headliner for teenage pregnancy and defiancy.

Throughout Madonna's career she began to thrive as a successful business woman within the music

industry. Gaining some control and demands of the business as well as having a multimillion

contract with Warner Bros Records but her worldwide domination of the throughout her music

career entitled her to worldwide domination of a pop diva.