Discorce Tagline Analysis

1. LESTARI 112154040
  2. RAHMA NOVITASARI 112154042


  1. Prosody
  Interjection means that the narrator states in rising tone. It means that the narrator feels deeply disappointed that he can't do that (statement action in advertisement that he has said) thing.
  2. Cohesion
  a. Conjunctions : this advertisement uses if for the conjunctions. If uses in conditional sentence. If is used to relate the cause-effect of the situation. The situation in this advertisement means that the “cause” is the narrator (the dinosaur) doesn't have longer arms to clap his hand to show his excitement of the greatest newly California Adventure Park in Disneyland. The “effect” is the dinosaur states that conditional sentence to influence and persuade the reader to go to Disneyland because it's really amazing.
  b. Pronouns : this advertisement uses pronoun I and my. My refers to I. This is called possessive pronoun.
  c. Listing : (none)
  d. Auxiliaries : this advertisement uses will for the auxiliary. This auxiliary stands as conjunction of conditional sentence in purpose of hoping or wishes. In this case, this conditional sentence is used to persuade and influence the reader to do some action that implicate from the advertisement.
  e. Words in general : (none)
  3. Discourse organization
    a. “I’d clap if my arms were longer” is written bigger than the sentence “The newly expanded Disney California Adventure Park” and the position of the sentence “I’d clap if my arms were longer” is above the sentence “The newly expanded Disney California Adventure Park”. The reason of using bigger written and take it above of the other words mean that this sentence has the important thing than the other words. The narrator wants the reader to concern with reading this bigger words.
    b. “The newly expanded Disney California Adventure Park” is written smaller than “I’d...