Discipline and standards define what it means to be an Army professional. Through the teaching and instilment of Army standards and discipline, we honor and respect the rich heritage which the Army is founded upon, while also ensuring the future success of the Army by inspiring us to adhere to and exceed the standard. Standards and discipline are the foundation of what is professionally, legally, and morally correct and as such instills trust in ourselves and our fellow Soldiers. It is this definitive trust in one another, in our leaders, and in the Army that molds and strengthens our esprit de corps, sense of pride, and our Army culture.
The maintenance of self-discipline is a primary duty of an Army professional. Being strong in the presence of great adversity requires immeasurable moral discipline. “Moral discipline is the consistent exercise to choose the right thing because it is right, even when it is hard.” (Author unknown) To be accountable for our actions and to do what is right in the presence of mental and physical adversity; embodies the meaning of being an Army Soldier, of living the Warrior Ethos and upholding the Army Values. The absence of discipline and standards negatively impacts the hierarchical rank system within the Army. A lack of discipline also diminishes the sustainability and readiness of our force and destroys the trust, good faith, and hope the American public has placed in the hands of the Army.
Discipline is not punishment. Discipline is a behavior. Discipline is an attitude. Discipline is the why and how of being an Army leader. Standards provide a method to measure performance and ensure that we excel in our unique corps of professionals. Standards define the
desirable, the achievable, and the measurable success of an Army professional. Standards increasingly raise the bar to hold us to higher expectations of excellence indicative to the profession of arms.
Throughout our years of war, transition, and growth, the constant...