Discipline Essay

Prof. Kathleen Haven
LLD 100A
Final Draft

I study corporate finance major here at SJSU as a senior, who will graduate next June 2015. Corporate finance is a combination of accounting and finance.   Students who major in corporate finance will learn the concepts and the procedure to make strategic financial planning for an organization to achieve its goal with the most profit.   Corporate finance graduates can handle the field of accounting and finance in banks, corporations, governments and non-profit organizations.   They also have opportunity to join finance management of an organization. That is why Corporate Finance really interests me. I expect to become a financial analysis and I hope I can get a job at a big corporation right after I graduate.   To sharpen my skill and knowledge, I am doing the Discipline Investigation Assignment.   Discipline Investigation (DI) is actually a research about the profession that a student intends to join.   Through this DI assignment, I have an interview with an experience person in my study field to gain more about my future discourse community and broaden the expectations of my future career.   I opted to interview Sujay A., who has been working in the field of accounting and finance at many companies for fifteen years.   Sujay’s working seniority and his diversified experience is very necessary to my research. I had an opportunity to ask him various and detailed questions about his jobs and working environments, which are very helpful for my preparation for my future career. Along this writing, Sujay’s background, career path, skills, experience, roles and responsibilities are carefully discussed.   In the conclusion, I will cover what I explore the insides of the job and its effect on my expectation before and after the interview.

Background and Career Path
Sujay came to the United States from India. He was international student. He got BS...