Disastrous Day

It was a disastrous day in the family of Ogunyebi on 29th November at Iponri neighborhood an outskirt of Lagos.

When the so-called sex enhancer drug “BURUTASHI” as popularly called by the Aboki’s turn their sweet home into sorrow resident.

According to undisclosed source, it was made known that Hamed Ogunyebi, a young man of 24 years old and a native of Ilorin along with his bosom friend Rasheed Awokoya of 23 years bought “BURUTASHI” Sex Enhancer drug to help him increase his sexual strength and huge when having sex.

Unfortunately for him after taking the drug, he discovered that the girl he had an appointment with could not make it. And the drug he took have started working, his manhood began to erect and grow bigger to the level that his manhood skin has began to tear, that was when his relatives got to know the damages he has done to himself and the only remedy to save him is to have sex by all means.

As the time goes on the pains and agony keeps on increasing, it got to a point when he was just lying down unconsciously and gasping.
When his mother can no longer bear it any more she decided to condescend to the situation in other to save her son’s life.

She took her son in and has sex with him. After some minutes, he became conscious and started asking people around him what is happening, when he saw his mother weeping bitterly and other people in the neighborhood.
One of the neighbors narrated the whole scenarios to him, immediately he hears that he slept with his mother, he went inside and stabbed himself to death.

Her mother was still mourning when she started feeling feverish, they took her to the hospital for treatment that was when she discovered that she is 2 months pregnant.

When she recovered the test result, she was so much confused and amazed that how can a 38 years old mother could be carrying her son’s child. To avoid shame and abominable child she poisons herself.
When Hamed’s friend Owolabi heard what happened to his...