Disaster Management

Disaster Management Project Outline
Ashley Rivas
University of Phoenix: Online
Instructor: Jennifer Huff
October 15, 2010

Our learning tam was assigned to develop an outline on disaster management for the renovation of a new health care facility planning.   The outline will cover pre and post disaster activities and all the actions planned to maintain control under emergency and disaster situations.   In addition the outline will provide valuable information that will help in the prevention of an emergency situation, reduction of its effects, and recover in the event it takes place.   Last but not least, a brief description of the activities encountered before and after a disaster situation.   There are Local, State, and Federal legal and regulatory requirements that apply in any disaster situation,.   Other topics covered in this outline include The Certificate of Need Program (CON) in the State of California and its initiatives to restrain costs in health care facilities, the International Building Code for health care facilities and issues considered when meeting the code, the measures taken before a renovation or new plan, and finally a list of stakeholders that may be key factors in the development.  
  I. Overview of Disaster Management
  A. Collective term encompassing all aspects of planning for and responding to disasters, including both pre- and post-disaster activities
  B. Supplies a range of activities designed to maintain control over disasters and emergency situations
  C. Provides information to help people avoid, reduce the effects, or recover from impact
  D. Activities
  1. Preparedness
  2. Mitigation
  3. Emergency Response
  4. Relief
  5. Recovery
  6. Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
  I. Local, State, and Federal, legal and regulatory requirements.
A.      Local, state, and federal agencies requirements of natural disasters...