Disagreement with Michael Abernerthy

Disagreement with Michael Abernethy

“ These men are selfish and lazy inconsiderate husbands and poor parents” (342) said Michael Abernethy in his article “Male Bashing on TV”. Though Michael Abernethy feels strong about his articles’ topic, I on the other hand disagree. I believe that Abernethy is over exaggerating, he doesn’t bring up any of the positive roles that men play on TV, and he is only looking at it from one view.
                To start off with, in my eyes I believe that Michael Abernethy is over exaggerating. “Male Bashing on TV” only uses examples from shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond, My Wife and Kids, According to Jim, The Bernie Mac Show, The Simpsons, and Malcolm in the Middle. All shows that I have watched before. After watching any of these shows I do not walk away having changed or negative interruptions of men. All the shows I have just listed are for pure comedy. I do not believe that anybody takes the messages displayed in these shows seriously.
Moreover to Michael Abernethy over exaggerating I also believe that he does not take time to notice that women also get bashed on TV shows just as much as men do. Michael Abernethy listed Malcolm in the Middle as a show that bashes males. When in reality the father is the main support of their family, working fulltime in order to provide for them. The mother on the other hand does not work in the show, and is portrayed as a crazy emotional wreck in
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addition the poor parent in the show. For example there have been such episodes were she locks two of her three sons in a closet until the father comes home from work. There is also other shows including I Love Lucy were she is portrayed extremely ditzy and clueless along with her best friend Ethel.
Although, Michael Abernethy discusses the Male Bashing on TV, he fails to mention any positive roles played by men, making his article very one dimensional. For example my favorite show is Medium. In Medium one of the main...