Disability Awareness 4 Sw's Comp

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|Name: Vicki Bootland                                                 |Date: 8th March 2010                                                 |

I was asked by Pauline Young, Staff Development Officer for South Tyneside Council as to whether I would train student social workers who were on placement in the authority in the area of Disability Awareness. Pauline had received the evaluations from my previous session and because they were of a high standard she asked me to train the students.

Again due to the training being a one off 3 hour course, I had no previous knowledge of my students. However, I was aware that some had previously worked in the social care field and others were straight out of sixth-form college or school. I therefore had to ensure that my delivery reached all levels of those attending. Although their ages would be different ranges, as Reece at al (2007, pg 6) suggests ‘Adults become involved in post 16 education and training for a variety of reasons but in the main they come of their own volition.’ And so I had to ensure all students, although different in ages and experience, were given an effective learning experience that could be related to their chosen vocation. Therefore it was essential that activities were clearly linked to their social work training.

On opening the training I ensured that all of the students were at the correct training as many other workshops and courses were on going at this particular venue. One lady asked why she had been asked to take part as she was a senior social worker for the...