Disabilities Act

Disabilities Act

Old Act - Did not really deal with education fully but more with services provided in the community for the community.   This has not been entirely successful in itself as after all these years there are still only 3 restaurants that a disabled person can eat in, in Ashford.
Will the new act just be a paper exercise only or will it be enforced?

The other factor to take into concern is no amount of legislation can change the public's attitude and prejudice will still be encountered.   As recently as 3 months ago I went for a meal with a friend where the waiter insisted on asking me all the questions as if my friend had lost his ability to talk along with the use of his legs.

New Act Good Points
The general vision is very good and this is a good start towards total inclusion in colleges.

Although the responsibility is on the teacher to have knowledge of different conditions this could relate to staff training and offer staff the opportunity to learn about conditions they could encounter in everyday life not just work.

Bad Points
Timescale is not practical with the provisions that need to be made; no extra financial help is given also.

Wording of the act is very open to individual interpretation with "grey words" such as reasonable and treated less favourably.

Definition of disability has increased to include mental health, which is hard to monitor, and diabetes.
How would a person suffering from diabetes feel about being classed as disables?

We are relying on student honesty to admit any conditions they may have this is not always easy with the inclusion of mental health problems as a disability, not all mental health problems are given a label.

Labelling of individuals is not always productive no matter what the environment.

Point to Consider
What stand will the unions make when protecting teachers who are made responsible for learning about conditions.
Will they force the college's to take more responsibility...