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Davaughn Hailey
October 17, 2010
Week 8 Assignment
Study Techniques
After reviewing my results for the two tests taken I see that I have three intelligences that stand out more than others. After seeing the multiple pathways assessment I instantly thought to myself the different study techniques I already have and thinks work better than others, and compared it to what I might change after seeing where my results place me on the intelligence chart. After completing the first assessment I see that my bodily, musical, and verbal intelligences stand out. Currently I feel that I do need some type of help with my study and work habits at the moment, I think they are good enough to last for the minute. So as read in the book it shows that the study habits for one with musical intelligence should go as follows, frequently tapping a beat out, writing music, putting new material to those songs you may already know, and create some type of rhythm out of your words. I feel I do all of this but not to the best of my ability and am currently trying to figure out how to perfect what I'm doing. I write a different rap almost everyday, I love it, I sometimes find myself as using writing music as a way to vent and release some stress of a certain situation I may be dwelling on. In order to study for bodily intelligence one must, I at one point of time figured since I would move around while writing a rap as if I were performing the song right then and there figured many cannot do what I do. It shows one should be able to learn from bodily movement as well as written information given. In order to study for that of a verbal intelligence as I do one should take notes while reading, while doing so one may outline chapters highlighting no more than ten percent of the material read. Someone who is verbally intelligent can find it very easy to lead and teach others a certain subject. And the ability to recite information is something that would come as natural as a smile....