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Student’s Name: Jenny HoustonWk5 Assignment – A Closer Look at African, Muslims, & Arabs Americans |
Directions: For each question, read the instructions carefully and provide a short answer response that:   * Fully answers all parts of the question.   * Provides specific details, examples, and analysis to support your thoughts.   * Incorporates research from credible sources.   * Refers to the videos, discussions, or websites listed in the questions (if applicable).   * Meets the minimum word requirement.   * Is written in a scholarly tone appropriate to the content and assignment (slang is avoided).   * Avoids intentional and unintentional plagiarism by being written in your own words and includes citations to show where you got the information from.   (You can summarize and paraphrase research, but use direct quotes sparingly and include quotation marks and APA formatted in-text citations (author, date, page or paragraph number). Also, always use the plagiarism checker service available through the Phoenix Online Library.   Be aware that papers previously handed in by other students will not show up in the student’s version of the plagiarism checker due to privacy policies.).   * Is proof-read carefully to ensure it is easy to read, clear, accurate, and that the rules of grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation are followed. |

1. AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY & CURRENT STATUS: (15 pts)INSTRUCTIONS: Research the history of this group to current times in America. You may search through chapters of the text as part of your research. Incorporate research, details, and examples into your answers. Answer the questions in at least 200 words. Be sure to label each part of your answer (A & B). source).   B. How are the challenges of poor, inner-city African Americans interrelated? How do racial inequalities in one area (I.e. poverty, wealth accumulation) affect challenges in other areas (I.e. housing, health, family life, education, crime, etc.)?   C. What...