Diploma Safety Management Final Test

In your own words summarise the major learning points from the whole of the study programme with particular reference to (50 points)
  1. Workplace Safety
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Fire Prevention and protection
  4. Protective equipment and clothing
  5. Management of Safety programmes
  6. Civil Emergency procedures
  7. Civil Defence Legislation
  8. First aid and basic safety rules

In the following paragraphs I will try and include all of the relevant and pertinent points in this summary of the Safety Management course:

Workplace Safety Module
Accidents are normally caused by unsafe acts or negligence; four of the basic reasons for unsafe acts are improper attitudes of the workers; lack of knowledge or skills; physical unsuitability and an improper mechanical or physical environment. Much of this can be overcome with the correct training in order that proper behaviour eventually becomes second nature; unfortunately there are some workers who commit unsafe acts as a result of motivational factors or difficulties of inattention and in these cases other approaches need to be looked at.
It was clear during this module that there were a number of positions of responsibility for accident prevention; not least the Board of Directors who were responsible for laying down policy; the Manager who monitors and prevents accidents and is obliged to supply a safe environment and tools, and safe methods of working; and finally but probably the most significant is the Supervisor.   They are directly involved and responsible for the day to day running of the plant or factory and should be knowledgeable on all safe systems of work and should be able to transmit to both managers and workers alike.
Supervisors are responsible for the training of the workers on machinery and in the safe system of working; they must at all times reinforce good working habits; in order to instil motivation they themselves must remain motivated at all times.   If an accident occurs,...