Diploma Management Use and Develop Systems That Promote Communication 1

F/602/2335 use and develop systems that promote communications

      1.1 As home manager I communicate with several groups of individuals. These include the following:
  * Managers
  * Hotel service workers including laundry and maintenance
  * Service users
  * Care staff
  * External services
  * Regulatory bodies
  * Training sources,
  * Commercial firms to name a few
When I deal with managers I empower them and get them to problem solve this can be with meetings, training, and using memos. Most of the time it is done by verbal communication and getting them to problem solve and fact finding. My communication with them is on a different level than dealing with care staff they may not be academically minded therefore it may be a more pictorial method I use, and the discussion comes down to their level. Managers also need to be able to communicate with me their understanding and compliance of regulations and statutory bodies, ensure they can evidence resident care is at its best. To do this We have developed a metrics they follow and report to this ensures that they understand what they must ensure the unit is governed
by I hold daily meetings to discuss risk and units, along with staffing needs, Audits also communicate where there is a good or practice that needs improving. I also communicate with them using a visual board, which will show where the service is doing well or needs improving. I have an open door policy therefore staff can come and discuss anything with me. We have a very good team and regular discussions and meetings ensure that communication is good.
The ancillary staff require a different type of communication as many are illiterate, So very often this is done by classroom training discussion and visual boards. Ancillary staff appreciates slang and paralanguage. Humour of that type is generally a good one to help them understand, it is sometimes difficult to come down to their level so, one is mindful of ensuring they...