Diploma Level 5 -Leadership for Health and Social Care

Unit 2 – Assignments
SCIE (Social Care institute of excellence) looks at care needs, services, key issues and developing skills and services. It offers a wide range of services online, which includes older people, dementia awareness, housing and safeguarding, child protection. There are also news and events such as bulletins. The online database is one of the UK’s most complete range of information and research in all aspects of social care and social work. There is also online training in developing skills and services. SCIE offers advice on dementia, housing, mental health and dignity. SCIE is a particularly useful in my line of work as it offers guidance for those who work with people with physical disability or sensory impairment. There are also guidance for those who work with people with learning disability, families and children. SCIE has a number of resources, which also include easy- read publication. There is information on access to care, autism, shared lives, community based activities, self-advocacy and personalisation. The online training includes Safeguarding, Mental capacity Act, Managing knowledge to improve social care, personalisation as well as Communication skills. I can also refer the staff team to the site to further their knowledge and understanding.

NICE (National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence) offers a comprehensive suite of guidance, advice and support for delivering quality, safety and efficiency in the use of medicines.
The NICE medicines and prescribing centre provides guidance and advice on medicines management, optimisation and use, specific medicines advice, for example on new, unlicensed and off-label medicines, a network of associates who work with organisations and individuals at a local level, a medicines awareness service, including commentaries and alerts, and NHS access to the British National Formulary. I recently used the site when I needed to review my workplace medication procedures. NICE provides...