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Gifted and talented
After reviewing the following website I have written the information below.
In all schools there will be a range of children with all different types of abilities, talented and gifted children will generally have more abilities and will have developed to a level much higher than there other piers this also includes students that have the potential to develop this abilities. It’s important to recognise that gifted and talented children are individuals; they will have their own strengths and weaknesses, Children who may be very able in some areas may appear on the SEN register as they may struggle with social, behavioural and sensory learning difficulties. Children who are talented or gifted can be found in any school and every culture. Some may show their talents from an early age will others may take longer to develop and we will pass through education unnoticed, Ensure that the abilities of talented and gifted children particularly your most vulnerable children are monitored to avoid underachievement within their group, schools need to be aware of the hidden gifted also for example for children whose first language is not English or those with physical or learning difficulties, you will need to provide the appropriate, challenging and supporting environment their children and use their full potential.
The identification of talented and gifted children should be the same throughout the whole school, this should be fair and transparent, is not discriminating and is flexible enough to include new students that join part way though the school year or on late or early developers. Schools have their own discretion on how to best identify talented and gifted children, they are likely to obtain this information through, tests, teacher assessments parent nomination and prior...