Obedience is the first and foremost law of God in His Holy creation of mankind. But man became impatient and proud and disobeyed God wherever he could. The bible teaches us that disobedience is sin. This clearly reveals that we are sinners when we disobey God, parents, teachers and elders. God has said   that the punishment for sin is death as it is written in Romans 6:23, “the wages of sin is death”.
    Disobedience brings disaster and this can be seen in many incidents from the Holy Bible. Even in the beginning Adam and eve forsook God and ate the forbidden fruit, became sinner and were thrown out from the garden of Eden by God .Every human being has received Adam’s sinful nature due to disobedience.  
    In the book of Joshua, disobedience by Israelites is clearly written in chapter 7. They conquered and won the city of Jericho. But Achan, a man among them, disobeyed the orders. So when they conquered Hai they were beaten and 36 of them were killed.
    Israel’s first king Saul, started well but ended badly. At first he was a humble and good king. As time passed, however, he became impatient and proud, disobeyed God and was rejected by God.
    Likewise, Samson was also blessed by God and was a nazirite. But as time passed, due to disobedience he was cursed and the blessings of God was taken away. Here we see the truth revealed, that any who disobey God has to pay the price for it.
    Genesis 12 tells us that obedience is the stepping stone to blessings from God. This we can clearly see from the life of Abraham, the father of all nations. From the Bible we can also see that blessings will come to those who obey and punishments will be given to those who disobey God. This is a forewarning and a divine truth. We should seethat our personal life, social life should be through God’s blessings and pure obedience.
    Christ himself set the example of obedience to the Father’s will. Christ said,”I came down from heaven not to do my own will, but the will...