Dinosaurs Before Dark

Mary Osborne begins the story by tagging the main characters with typical societal stereotypes.   When Jack and Annie are in the tree house they sort through the books and Annie picks up a book with a castle on the cover, while Jack reads through a book about Pennsylvania. Equipped with a conscious and a notebook, Jack facilitates the entire adventure.   Jack continuously chooses to refer back to his book on dinosaurs before approaching situations while Annie naively runs off without thinking of the consequences or potential dangers.   When they first arrive in the Cretaceous period, they see a flying dinosaur.   Annie is excited and immediately crawls down the ladder while Jack is fearful.   When Annie reaches the flying dinosaur she begins to talk to it and claims that it is a nice and gentle creature.   She focuses on the way she feels and her emotions while Jack nervously stands back and observes it while writing notes.   When they spot the triceratops off in the distance, Annie wants to run to it and meet it.   Jack tells her that that is not a good idea and that they should approach it slowly and not touch it.   He looks it up in his book and learns that it is a plant eating, 12,000 pound animal.   Annie is innocent and wants to go on adventures without learning about her surroundings while Jack likes to learn the history of culture of where he is.   In one situation Annie scares a mother dinosaur and causes it to make noises and take an aggressive stance.