Dementia is a disease that touches those who have fallen victim to it not just physically, but also emotionally. It affects the victim’s friends, family and every single person around them.  Canadian society is quickly aging and diseases such as dementia are becoming an extensive issue, it is our job to educate and get educated on these diseases that seem to be cutting the life of our seniors short. This paper will discuss what exactly this harmful disease is and the signs, what causes dementia, how it is affecting our society and treatments for the various forms of dementia.
Many of us do not know what dementia exactly is, everyone has different theories as to what it possibly could be. There are many different terms used for dementia such as, organic brain syndrome, hardening of the arteries and chronic brain syndrome. Dementia is often referred to as being a senile disease, where the victim becomes bitter and mean. But not until we do some research on dementia will we be able to determine what this disease really is. Dementia is when ones brain’s ability to process information declines due to brain disease or damage. It is most common with affecting ones memory, attention, learning, language, etc. It also may disorient, or confuse them at times. An individual with dementia has difficulty remember things like names, dates, or where they put certain objects. They may also not understand reason and use of their good judgment may be impaired. Dementia is a slow killer; many do not see the signs until it is too late dementia worsens over time.    Anyone is prone to getting dementia even those with no prior health issue are targets of this disease. Nancy L. Mace who is the author of the 36- hour day says that “The dementing diseases know no social or racial lines; the rich and the poor, the wise the and the simple alike are affected” (Mace 7). Dementia has man different causing factors; one could possibly be on their way to getting dementia at a young age...