Diffrenent Theories of Media

The mass media has touched every sphere of human aspect. Mass media has now become an essential part of our routine life. The television in living room, the newspaper on doorstep, the radio in car. Computers at work, mobile phones in pockets are just few of media channels daily delivering advertisements, news opinion, music and other forms of mass communication.
Media in Pakistan are now independent with the passage of time. There are number of news channels that have maximum coverage throughout the country. As Pakistan is democratic state in which each and every person has freedom of speech. Yes, there is freedom of speech but freedom after speech is doubted. Which shows that the press is under the control of authorities who run it according to their own will, in short media is partially independent as it faces many hurdles in its way.
No doubt in Pakistan electronic media is providing information on very large scale. It acts as a watchdog, private channels highlights the causes of misgovernence and hidden social issues and brings them to the attentions of those who are responsible which shows its liberalism but still the essence of free media is behind the Curtin. for example LAWLESSNESS IN PAKISTAN TWO BROTHERS MUNEEB AND MUGEES WERE BRUETLY KILLD IN FRONT IN DPO SIALKOOT, In terms of politics media still badly need freedom because the life of fair and truthful journalists and media person is unsafe here in Pakistan, as discussed in authoritarian theory the press is the servant of the state.

Especially in Pakistan media has huge impact on society and also in public opinion. They can shape the public opinion in different ways depending on what is the objective. For example WORLD TRED CENTER TAWERS DISTROYED BY ALAN ELSNER, after the attack of 9 11 the media gave huge coverage of event and exposed Osama bin laden quality for the attack as they were told by authorities, this shaped the public opinion to support the war on terrorism the same happened with the...