Difficutties and Rewards of Being a Carer K101

What might be some of the difficulties and rewards of being a carer for a family member?

In this essay i will try to answer the question above. I will refer the study case of Ann and Angus done by Cavaye and the Hussian study done in 2002.
Ann cares for Angus that is her 72 year old stepfather and has a husband, Bob and a daughter, Zoe, while in the Hussian study case is Asian parents doing the job of carer, caring for they disabled children.
A carer is ‘someone who looks after a friend, relative or neighbour who needs support because of their sickness, age or disability…’ (Directgov, 2006) in (Walmsley, 2010, p.12).Being a carer does not means be paid for the role.
In the most part of the cases people became carers not because they want but for obligation and circumstances of life. We can saw that in Ann case ‘It wasn’t   my choice it was just circumstance, just because I was a woman and I was there at the time. It was just the circumstances that were given to us. It was up to me now to look after dad.’ (Cavaye, p.6).
Someone who became a family carer will face difficulties during their role they are: financial difficulties, time management, family life neglected, as we can observe in Ann case she needs give up work as she find hard having time to do everything and was putting much pressure on her. A caring role can be very demanding and that was putting strain in her family, her husband feeling frustrate and her daughter forgotten.
Care for someone is a very stressful role when the responsibility of caregiving collide with your marriage,i.e neglected your partner needs, not showing affection, love could lead to a marriage breakdown, with your child, i.e children neglected of love could reflect in their personal behaviour, school work.
Isolation is another difficulty, and is also show in Ann case, can be experienced on both sides, while doing your role as carer you get so involved looking after your loved one that your role as   mother and wife is left...