Differnt Life Factors That Affect Pies in Adulthood and Adolescene D1

In this piece of work, I am going to talk about different life factors that affected Sharon Osborne PIES in adulthood and adolescence.  
Adolescence 9-18
Asthma- Asthma affected Sharon life quite drastically as her physical health was incredibly bad because asthma caused her to developed a cough and shortness of breath meaning she was unable to do any physical activities or walk for long while, and this also affected her intellectual development, because due to the fear of more asthma attacks, she became too anxious and uneasy to go to events or play sports in case of an attack. While this in itself worsened Sharon’s condition, the avoidance and withdrawal caused her signs of onset depression, therefore it can be said that the two link due to the condition of asthma made Sharon feel house-bound or constantly on edge and in fear of future attacks. This also links it to emotional and social development, because due to the difficulty of breathing, it led Sharon to experience the sensation of "air hunger", which was terribly upsetting for Sharon. Asthma caused Sharon to experience fear that she was going to die during an asthma attack and she was emotionally affected by this as she was unable to take part in any physical activities, and this caused her to think less of herself, because she never thought of herself as a normal child which also caused her to close herself self-off from everyone socially which caused loneliness and depression for Sharon.  
An effect of diet in pregnancy- if Sharon became pregnant in her teens physically her and her baby would not be as healthy because Sharon belonged to a poor home meaning she would not be able to eat vegetables, and fruit that would provide the vitamins and minerals for a healthy birth. This affected her Intellectual development because Sharon might would suffer depression, and guilt as in the 80s having a child was seen as a sin and those who would have children without marriage where treated with extreme disrespect...