Differnces and Similarities Between Tyler, Stenhouse and Freire


A teaching practice portfolio is a coherent set of materials that represent your teaching practice as related to student learning and is a very important tool to have in the educational field as a teacher.

A teacher can outline his or her accomplishment within their portfolio in order to gain a higher-level position in the work place, most portfolios include a range of evidence from different sources to back up the teachers work ethic, source include samples of the student work, self-reflections, syllabus outlining course materials and report on classroom research. The portfolio helps others to get a better view of how the teacher has performed in the past across a wide spectrum of educational settings. A teaching portfolio is a step towards a more open professional view of teaching and reflects the particle as on academic activity.

The portfolio servers as a mechanism for self-evaluation and it also helps to reflect ones philosophy, mostly the portfolio serves as proof that the educator has been doing his or her duty.it outlines the instructor’s mission on how they will adopt or modify their method when changes arise in the field. The portfolio helps one to develop him or herself since it contains information about ones accomplishments and above all it helps educators not to be stuck in the same place.

The teaching portfolio helps educators to track their own development by reviling their strengths and weaknesses. Those in higher authority can use the file to see if the educator is well equipped to work as a teacher or they need to make particular changes .In short the teaching practice portfolio outlines the correct methodology to be followed by educators to improve teaching and learning in our countries and also ensure that the correct and clear information is being parted to our children.

Section 1 (Document of performance)