Different Types of Stone Crushers Form the Crushing Line

As we all know, there are different types of stone crusher. But do you know how the different stone crushers work together with other equipments to form the whole stone crushing line? The crushed products are similar in size and shape, and in fact, the size and shape can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Generally, the whole stone crushing line consists of primary stone crusher, secondary stone crusher, belt conveyor and so on.  
Do you know how the crushing line works? First, the jaw crusher is used as the primary stone crusher.   The large stones are poured into the machine by the vibrating feeder. And then the belt conveyor will help us to transfer the crushed stones to the secondary stone crusher--which is usually an impact crusher.  
When the stones have been crushed by the impact crusher, the vibrating screen will help to separate the stones. The stones with suitable size will be transferred for final crush while the stones with unsuitable size will be transferred back to the impact crusher for re-crushing. When the stones have been finally crushed, they will be graded and separated based on the consumers' needs. In order to protect the environment, we'd better attach a duster to the machine during the crushing process.
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