Different Types of Abuse and They Signs and Symptoms

• Physical - being hurt or harmed either deliberately or through rough, careless or thoughtless behaviour.

Signs and symptoms- Bruises, Burns or scalds, Bite marks, Fractures or broken bones, Fear, Depression, Unexplained weight loss

• Sexual abuse -   been forced or persuaded to take part in sexual actitivies being made to do something that you don’t want to do. this does not need to be physical

• signs and symptoms- Loss of sleep, Unexpected or unexplained change in behaviour, Bruising around the breat or genital area, Soreness around the genitals, Sexually transmitted diseases, unexplained vaginal or anal bleeding

• Emotional abuse. Non physical contrrolling behaviours that cause emotinal damage and undermine a persons sense of well-being

• Signs and symptoms- Fear, Depression, Confusion, Loss of sleep, Unexpected or unexplained change in behaviour, being emotionally upset or agitated,being extremely withdrawn and non communicative or non responsive;

• Financial abuse –the misuse of a persons funds and assets, using these funds and possessions with out the owers consent

• signs and symptoms- Unexplained withdrawals from the bank, Unpaid bills, Unexplained shortage of money, abrupt changes in a will or other financial documents, unexplained disappearance of funds or valuable possessions

• Institutional abuse- ist he mistreatment of a people brought about by poor or inadquate care and support
• signs and symptoms- Inability to make choices or decisions. Agitation if routine broken. Disorientation. Patterns of challenging behaviour, Poor morale among staff team, Weak, ineffective leadership

• Self neglect- is a behavioral condition in which a person neglects their basic needs.

• signs and symptoms- Malnourishment, Dehydration, Confusion, Inappropriate clothing, Under or over medication, Skin sores or cuts, Poor hygiene

• Neglect   by others- failure to provide necessary care or assistance that causes or is likely to cause the...