Differences Between the Poor and Rich Countries

Differences between the poor and rich countries

      World is divided into two unequal parts; the first part contains countries that having stable and good economy while the other part contains counties that are suffering of bad and unstable economics. Thus, there are poor counties and rich ones and without any doubt there are some factors for inequality between rich and poor counties.   Can these factors be age, availability of natural resources, education system, or attitude?

      In fact, the age of the country is illogical factor because if we consider the age, Egypt and India are supposed to be rich countries since both are more than 2000 year old but both counties are classified as poor countries. On the other hand, comparing with countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand that have only 150 years old and their economy is very high; as a result, they are classified as rich countries.

      Another factor that may be considered when comparing is the availability of natural resources.   In fact, such factor is unreasonable too.   As an example, Japan is the second world economy although it has a limited territory.   It has about 80% of mountainous which inadequate for agriculture and cattle raising.   But, in order to compete with the developed country in different products, the country are importing raw materials from whole world and exporting manufactured products which had led the country to be the second world economy due to its trusted and good quality of products.   Another example is Switzerland, which does not plant coca but has the best chocolate of the world.   In addition, in its little territory they raise animals and plant the soil during four months per year in order to get benefits of different resources.   Furthermore, they produce dairy products for the best quality.   Switzerland is a small country that transmits an image of security, order and labour, which made it the world's strong life.

      Other important factors that must...