Difference Between Right and Wrong Clear?

The difference between right and wrong is clear
The difference between right and wrong is clear.   No it isn't!   If the difference between right and wrong is clear, then why did some think slavery was the right thing, yet many more disagree.   In my perspective differences between right and wrong are unclear; one may think it is right while another may think it is wrong.   For example, the Salem witch trials, innocent people died from that because they were accused for being witches or conjuring witchcrafts.   In my opinion it was wrong to kill them, there was no proof just superstitious tales and beliefs.
    Sometimes our beliefs tend to judge our ability if something is right or wrong.   Our ability to judge is based on what we are influenced by.   The environment, people around us, our morals, religious beliefs, and family beliefs all take part in deciding what is right and wrong.   An alcoholic may tell their child that drinking is the right thing to do, yet many know drinking is wrong and how bad alcohol can affect a person.   There have been controversial debates on abortion, which mainly should be up to the mother decision if she want the child or not.   If she is not capable of raising the child, then the right decision should be to have an abortion.   Yet adoption can be the right choice too.   Many people will say it is wrong to end an unborn child's life, but that would depend on one beliefs.   There are many controversial subject, that one group may believe is right but another might believe it's wrong.
Controversial issues of China being a communistic country, along with other Asian countries being communistic.   Many believe the United States government should go to China and convert the country into a democracy or a republic.   The Chinese citizens have known communism for a long time, the United States can't just go in and want to change the ways the people have grown up knowing.   Many people also disagree with China's one child policy.   Yet we need to...