Difference Between Ancient Sumerian Civilization and Ancient Egyptian Civilization

At first glance Ancient Sumerian Civilizations may look very similar to the ancient Egyptian civilization; in reality they are very different.
Egypt is well known for their massive buildings known as pyramids. The main purpose of these buildings was a burial ground for the Pharaohs. Egyptians strongly believed in the afterlife and preserved the bodies of their pharaohs and placed them in these massive buildings. Sumerian people did not believe in an afterlife. They didn’t believe that there was any need to preserve or worship a deceased person.
The land was another difference between these two civilizations. Egypt was mostly composed of desert. There was very little rainfall that accumulated, and the only place where crops would grow was right along the Nile River. In contrast, Sumerian Civilizations were located in Mesopotamia. This area of land is very plentiful in water and the soil is full of nutrients that are necessary for the growth of crops.
In both civilizations there were laws that citizens were supposed to follow. In Egypt the Pharaohs word was the law. In ancient Egypt there was no written law. In Ancient Sumerian Civilizations they followed the Hammurabi Code. These were the first laws in Ancient Sumeria that were actually written down using their language and writing (Cuneiform) therefore everyone was expected to obey them.
Lastly, both civilizations depended on the trade of their crops and goods. However in each civilization they did not use the same type of money in their society. Ancient Egypt used types of coinage as there currency. Ancient Sumeria they did not use money for trade. Silver and grain used was used as “fixed priced” trade.
Ancient Sumerian Civilization was very different than Ancient Egypt. They differ in their views of the afterlife, land, laws, and currency.