Difference and Inequality

Define difference and inequality

    Difference as per the dictionary definition would convey the points of dissimilarity for example the observational differences between men and women, however difference in the social sciences and humanistic context, difference contrasts, social groupings such as the different nationalities, ‘gender, class, age or sexuality’[1]However difference is not limited to these alone it may take the form of the attitudes and preferences held by individuals. Distinction however, needs to be made between difference and inequality in the social sciences context. Inequality bears reference to a disparity or variation between the distributions of valued resources within a community or between communities. This can be characterised as access to educational, financial, employment, and cultural, legal, resources. Access to such resources may be a different experience for the different represented groups in a community.

  1. Example of difference and inequality.


  A Halal grocery store on the busy high street may be used by different costumers as Tesco. The Mackintosh Centre or Xquisite Africa we see different ethnic groups. Old and young people on the same street are different by what they wearing.


  Unequal income distribution between the richer and poorer individuals in a society will create inequality in resources they have access to for instance low income individuals will have access to food bank with no choice of variety, however the higher income individuals will be able to choose where they shop and they will be able to determine what level of quality the purchase.