Difference and Helping- Sexuality

Difference and Helping- Sexuality

“A sound understanding of the way difference can impact on helping and on the helping relationship, is essential for the helper”

The difference dimension I am going to look at for the purpose of the essay is Sexuality and I have chosen this for a number of reasons including that I find it a very interesting subject, and I have a personal interest in it.

For someone going to counselling sexuality can have a large impact, just as it can have an impact for the counsellor and this is because of the various views and opinions of sexuality, what it is, the attitudes of different people, new and changing legislation and the stereotypes that are around and it is important for a counsellor, or anyone in a helping role, to be aware of these.

For people who come to counselling because they are questioning their sexuality or because they are facing difficulties because of their particular sexuality it is very important for the helper to be aware of the various things that could impact of their client, such as the views of the people around them. Most people these days are far more accepting than they were less than fifty years ago, but there are still people around who believe that homosexuality is wrong, and this can be for any one of a number of reasons.

For example, for a long time the church has been a major impact on what people have believed about the world and the people in it and one of the things that the church has taught for a long time is that homosexuality is wrong, often quoting Leviticus as proof of this. This has been taught in the Christian church for a very long time and was even printed in books given to young children who were questioning things as they grew up. This view has held strong in the church despite it updating a lot of the views on the treatment of woman, what food is safe to eat and the attitudes of clean and unclean. Religious beliefs can have a huge impact on people and their attitudes and for a...