Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition
Nick Salaz
March 4 2013
Jessica Marshall

What people choose to put into their bodies to fuel themselves for survival is a complex subject.   It is the nutrients in the foods people choose to eat that have either a negative or positive effect on the human body.   After recording my daily food intake in iProfile over a three-day period, I have a more clear understanding of how food provides the building blocks of life and how diet choices ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle.  
The first step in taking a closer look at dietary choices is to analyze the intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids.   Looking at which foods provided the most protein it was amazing to see how much protein was produced through the consumption of cheese and milk.   I received almost half of my daily protein intake through cheese and yogurt.   According to “WebMd” (2005-2013) website, dairy products not only provide calcium and vitamin D but also are a tremendous source of protein that help build muscle and fortify bones and teeth.   Next the foods that provided the most carbohydrates according to iProfile were the consumption of whole wheat bread and flour tortillas.   My Lipid intake was mostly olive oil, but there were saturated fats that included potato chips and butter.  
Reviewing my dietary reference intake calculated by iProfile through my personal factors, such as my weight and body mass helped me to track if my protein-carbohydrate-lipid intake were higher or lower than expected.   Looking at the results from my protein intake all three days it was above the normal 10-35% range with an average up around 39-42%.   Carbohydrates also exceeded the daily intake of...