Did Hitler Succeed in Creating the Volksgemeinschaft

Did the Third Reich succeed in creating the Volksgemeinschaft?
Hitler and the Third Reich intended on using several different techniques, policies and pieces of propaganda in order to try and achieve the people’s community known as the Volksgemeinschaft in the years prior to the war. However in Hitler's ideal Volksgemeinschaft there was no place for Jews, Gypsies or the mentally ill, but only for the “pure” Germans. During the years 1933-1945 Hitler and the Third Reich attempted to achieve the Volksgemeinschaft through propaganda and terror, some of which was successful, but others proved to do very little.

Several of Hitler's attempts to create the Volksgemeinschaft proved to show signs of success without people directly opposing or passively resisting to his new policies or his Lebensraum. In order for Hitler and the Third Reich to create the Volksgemeinschaft they felt the need to expand land-wise, so this is where the Lebensraum came from. The Lebensraum was a great success as far as contributing towards the Volksgemeinschaft goes; by 1940 Holland, Poland, Norway, Denmark and Belgium had all been defeated without failure. This was a huge boost for morale for the German people as they had not yet heard any signs of failure. This had a positive impact, meaning that people would have more confidence in Hitler and in the Hitler myth. With morale on the increase in the years 1939-40, there would have been a more patriotic feel to Germany, exactly what Hitler had aimed for in the Volksgemeinschaft. Another one of the Third Reich’s tools to gain support in the Volksgemeinschaft was through the Hitler Youth which was made compulsory in 1939. This used ideology that promoted boys to be soldiers, and for girls to be as fit as they can be in order to mother as many children as possible. By making this compulsory it would likely be effective as younger minds are much more easily influenced that adults would be. By using Hitler's propaganda on children from a younger...