Diary Holiday

Saturday 4th       |
Party at Suzies with Phil & Goran     |
Sunday 5th     |
Aunty Vic made breaky Drunk cider Went to the airport early to hang out in the lounge Had a bacon roll, salad, gonnci Spoke to MAlaime and Sherelle     |
Monday 6th     |
Still in the air     |
Tuesday 7th     |
Arrived in Auckland at 5.30am, went through duty free brought Bacardi, Baileys and Gin Mum picked me up and we drove straight to Hamilton It was a long long drive. Got home made had a room set up with a welcome parcel which had crisps, onion dip, peanut slabs and a sparkling sauvignon which was super yummy Had a shower and chilled with mum for a bit and had a gin and some chips and dip. Dave went out for a bit but once he came back we went out for lunch to a really yummy café up the road from mums house, I had a fejoia drink and a really nice open sandwich chicken salad. Afterwards went back to mums I had a nana nap. We went out for dinner with mums business partners to a Teriyaki restaurant. It was really yumming and filling. After dinner we came home and shared the Ciroc vodka that mum has had in her freezer for ages. We managed to finish the bottle tho it wasn’t a very big one.     |
Wednesday 8th     |
Had crumpets Mum made a smoothie Then we got ready to go on our adventure First we a stop off at a coffee shop just before going into Auckland I had my frist mince and cheese pie, with a glass of sav. Then we went to visit papa Thornton at his new home in Papatoetoe took him to his favorite coffee place in Manukau City called Hallowood. Went to a paper store to get him a magazine and some evenlopes then a magazine store in Papatoetoe for another paper 3 or so hours later we dropped him off at his home. Had a short black and shared a passionfruit cheese cake with mum Then drove to Epsom to visit Aunty Yvonne in her home. It was a very lovely home It was lovely to see her even tho she was unhappy about being there. As we left I bumped in to Wayne Then we drove...