Diabetes Healyh

Write a reflective paper on becoming a diabetes educator.
Write a reflective paper on becoming a diabetes educator.

What is a diabetes educator?
Diabetes educators are healthcare professionals who focus on helping people with and at risk for diabetes and related conditions achieve behaviour change goals which in turn lead to better clinical outcomes and improved health status. Diabetes educators apply in-depth knowledge and skills in the social and educational self-management of diabetes.
A diabetes educator is in charge of providing diabetics and their families with the required social and psychological support and of helping them to manage the disease. The aim is to modify lifestyle and prevent any possible complications in individuals diagnosed with diabetes.
Role of the diabetes educator.
In my opinion, the diabetes educator should be able:
  * To enable people with diabetes to manage their diabetes.
  * To enhance the quality of life of the person with diabetes.
  * To understand the health risk of the person with diabetes.
  * Explore the meaning of these risks in the context of the diabetic’s personal, social and cultural behaviour.
  * Activate the diabetic to determine a comprehensive self-management that will maximise their health outcomes.
  * Assess diabetes clinical status and educational needs of the person with diabetes.
  * Document the education process, including follow-up of people with diabetes.
  *   Evaluate outcomes of care and education given to the people with diabetes.
  * Have a good theoretical and practical knowledge of all aspect of the diabetes care.
  * Be trained and competent health workers so as to deliver program content.
  * Have good communication and counselling skills.
  * People should have easy access to the diabetes education services.
  * Ensures privacy, confidentiality, and trustworthiness when working with patients.
  * Ensures adequate time for patient and educator interaction....