Dhundiraj Govind Phalke

Attack every problem with enthusiasm,
Since your survival is depended on it.”

For an energetic person it is very easy to cross the vast ocean, even the summit of MT Everest becomes smaller in front of him. To gain his goal he has to face a lot of problems but in the end his hard work brings success in his life. There are many people in the history who had proved this that hard work is the key to success. One of such person was Dhundiraj Govind Phalke whose hard work & exertion gave birth to cinema in India.

This all began from his childhood. His father was a Sanskrit scholar. He joined Sir J.J. School of art and after passing it he studied sculpture, engineering, drawing, painting and photography. He began his career with small town photographer. But due to rumors like photography capture the live of those persons, ruined this profession. `Without job it was very difficult for him to take care of his family. He had to struggle to earn some money. Them he studied magical tricks but it also did not brought any good result. One day, he while he was walking, he saw a small theatre where films were shown. He entered the room and was very surprised to see that film. That was the turning point of his life. Now he was interested in photo screening. Due to his curiosity, he began gathering information about how the films were made. And he found that these were nothing but the moving photos. This gave the spark of making a film in his mind.

He gathered some photos and started doing experiments on it. He engaged himself so much that he forgot day & night. Due to the scarcity of money he sold many things. His eyes went weak. Every person said that he is mad, stupid and nonsense. But it never deflected his mind. On the other hand, his family supported him very much. His wife Saraswati and two children Babaray and Mahadev supported him on the every step of his life. After this he thought to go London to get some more knowledge on film screening. While going to London,...