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The impact of mobile phones on modern society

Mobile phones are a commonplace thing in modern society. As with many other things they can be good servants, but bad masters to us. So let´s look at the pros and cons of mobile phone use.

One of the greates advantages is to be able to stay in touch with family and friends thay may be physically very far away from us. Then there is the feeling of security, that when we´re alone in a dark place, we still have our phone to call help. Managers or office people can use advantages of phone technology to increase productivity, for example, when they´re stuck in traffick an need to make some phone calls.

On the other hand it may also get out of control, when we might no longer have personal lives, since we can be contacted anytime. Another issue is talking on the phone while driving. The road police could speak abou car accidents caused by the use of mobile phones while driving.And I need to mention aslo the negative impact on the environment. There´s approximately 100 million phones being replaced in the world annually, which when not separated properly can harm the environment by heavy metals and other unnatural substances. Some people say that phones can have a negative impact on our health as well. Even though it hasn´t been proven, they say that the microwave radiation from mobile phones can cause Alzheimer´s disease and cancer.

So are they good or bad? Well, the answer is very simple. Amazing when used properly, the only the problem is in finding the right definition of the word „properly“ for ourselves.