Dexit – A Marketing Opportunity

1. What advantages does Dexit offer over existing forms of payment?

      • Dexit provides a new way of easier and faster (less than 3 seconds) payment for low-value purchases which will benefit both customers and retailers than cash, debit, or credit.
    • Dexit service has its own website and call center.
    • Dexit offers everyday small value payment services and welcomes the opportunity to provide its current and future customers with loyalty services.
    • This is an opportunity to minimize or reduce that amount of cash and get some of the savings from doing that. As well as making it simpler for customers to interact.
      • Dexit provides an electronic payment facilitation service to allow consumers to conveniently and quickly pay for goods and services as well as manage their cash more effectively.
      • Customers could access accounts directly, there's less chance for error in a transaction, and they don't have to carry cash or order extra personal checks.
      • Dexit offers merchant’s advantages like increasing order size, reduced customer’s walks away, improves cashier efficiency, lowers cash-handling costs, avoids counterfeit money, and also lowers cash counting and depositing charges.
      • Dexit will not have any direct competitors, but “gift cards” which are not very convenient because of their limitations to specific brands and timing.

2. Whom should Dexit target and why? Consider both merchants and end-consumer?

    • Quick or express services
    • Coffee & Bakery shops
    • Video Rental
    • Movie Theater
    • Drug Stores & Gasoline
    • Restaurants & Cafeterias
    • Convenience & Grocery
    • Retail merchants
    • Salon, and spa

      - On the consumer side, Dexit’s is really looking for the habitual user; one that will use their tag regularly and top up their prepaid Dexit account. The big effort is getting the “tire kickers” to become “habitual users”.