Devrycomp 122 Lab 5 Lab Report and Source Code

DEVRYCOMP 122 Lab 5 Lab Report and Source

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COMP 122 Week 5 iLab
Apply structured and modular design principles to write programs that meet written
specifications and requirements. Develop a pseudo-code design using appropriate
program structure (sequence, selection, repetition and nesting) to solve a given
programming problem. Use appropriate selection and repetition statements to
implement the design. Create user-defined functions to implement a modular design.
Use appropriate parameter passing mechanisms for passing data into and getting
data back from functions. Use ostream and iomanip formatting manipulators to
display tabulated data. Design and implement a menu-driven interface.
Problem Description
This program is to give the user the option of converting a set of temperatures either
from Celsius to Fahrenheit (C to F) or vice versa, from Fahrenheit to Celsius (F to C),
or to quit the program. If the user selects either C to F or F to C, the program will

prompt the user to enter three integer values, a starting temperature, an ending
temperature, and an increment. After these values have been entered the program
will display a table of equivalent C and F (or F and C) temperatures, from the starting
temperature to the ending temperature and incrementing by the increment value
each row.
The table must meet all of the following criteria:
The table's column headings should display the degree symbol, e.g., °C and °F. The
first column must be the "from" temperature (C for C to F or F for F to C) and the
second column the "to" temperature (F for C to F or C for F to C). The calculated "to"
temperatures are to be displayed to the nearest tenth of a degree (display exactly
one decimal place, even if there is no fractional part, i.e., 75° should...