Devry Proj 410 Week 4 Dq 1


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How do you go about defining the proper duration for a bid procurement? Consider the time that it takes to plan for the procurement, draft an RFI and/or RFP, receive responses, and make a decision. What could you do if you needed to fast track this bid duration?
The bid procurement process can stretch as much as one to two years in the federal government, especially on "mega" procurements.  Often times this is due to the multiple committees, meetings, and layers of contract administration that a RFP, bid selection process must go through.  Can you think of any ways to make the process more efficient?
Using a short list of pre-approved sellers is one way to eliminate a lot of the time and effort of the bid process.  Are there any reasons you can think of why using a short list is NOT a good idea?  When might you want to go through the entire bid process?
It is said that the project manager is a vital part of the project procurement process.  However, the bid duration stretches over weeks, months, and even years.  During that time, the project manager is not "managing" the project on a day to day basis.  What else is the project manager doing?  If he/she is assigned to manage another task, how can they devote enough time and energy to the bid process for this new contract?
What are the factors are largely determined in negotiations in a BPO agreement?
In contract negotiation, should the project manager or the contract manager be the leader in negotiation process?
Is it critical to have a contract negotiation strategy in a BPO process?