Devry Proj 410 Week 1 Dq 1

DEVRY PROJ 410 Week 1 DQ 1

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There are many reasons to pursue business process outsourcing and project procurement, including flexibility, improving methodologies, and increasing productivity. Taking into consideration budget, scope, schedule, and risk, what are some of the other reasons to contract part or all of a project or business process? What are some of the drawbacks to outsourcing? Again, consider this question from the budget, scope, schedule, and risk standpoint. Please remember to answer all components of the question.
What is Business Process Outsourcing?
What are the common areas that business process would outsource to other companies or organizations?
What are the common reasons for outsourcing business processes?
What are the benefits of outsourcing processes?
What are key components in the project procurement management process?
Do you feel that the adequate selection of a contract structure, based on the circumstances in place at the time, can help you limit your risk?
Organizations want everything for less! Is this because they have to make a profit? We've talked about qualifications, fees, price, quality, etc.  What about profit? What role does it play? Is it always good for the company to pay least price for contract job or product procurement?
As a private entity, do you feel government regulations are good in promoting fairness and the selection of the best vendor, or are they an overkill (or simply inadequate)?
What is Make-or-Buy Analysis?  Can you give an example of Make-or-Buy Analysis?
What are the advantages of making products in house and outsourcing product manufacturing to another company?
What is plan procurement process?