Devry Busn 427 Final Exam

DEVRY BUSN 427 Final Exam

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TCO 1) Which are factors that move the world toward more globalization?
(TCO 2) What is the difference between communists and social democrats?
(TCO 3) What is probably more important than culture in explaining the differences in economic growth between countries?
(TCO 3) Which theory deals with competitive advantage for countries?
(TCO 4) FDI tends to flow
(TCO 5) Which of the following is not a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperative?
(TCO 6) What common good is used in most nations to create an index for measuring purchase power parity in various nations?
(TCO 8) What are the various types of countertrade available?
(TCO 8) In distribution strategy, what are the four main differences between countries?
(TCO 3) When McDonald’s initially entered China, it was confident that its success in other parts of the world would facilitate its success in China, but they quickly found out that the relationships and connections implied by guanxi are an essential to business success in China.  McDonald’s lost an attractive store location near Tiananmen Square to a Hong Kong developer who, thanks to relationships and connections developed over the years, was able to persuade city officials to overlook the lease McDonald’s held for the property.
Explain the concept of guanxi. Why is it so important to businesses operating in China? How did McDonald’s lack of guanxi raise its costs of doing business in China?
(TCO 3) In 2006, two Chinese journalists reported that the working conditions at Hongfujin Precision Industries where Apple’s iPods are produced were substandard. According to the report, not only were workers at the plant poorly paid, but they were also forced to work overtime. Apple immediately responded to the allegations and audited the factory in...